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    Discover yourself…
    Through acupuncture that treats your symptoms and guides you on your unique path in life.

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Let me guide you on your path in life. I use acupuncture and other techniques
to help you discover your strengths and achieve balance in your life.

What I do

Although I utilize the Five Elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods, my main approach for acupuncture is based on the Stems and Branches theory. This may not sound familiar to you, since there are only a few acupuncturists in the US offering it.

Discover your strenghts

The Stems and Branches approach gives me a deeper understanding than any other method regarding how you as a patient function: where your strengths lie on a physical level as well as on an emotional or mental level. By using this unique ancient knowledge it becomes clear which energy paths (meridians) should be focused on in your treatment, because they represent your strengths and which are best to avoid.

Achieve balance

Everybody has their individual strengths and by using them for your treatment it becomes easier to achieve balance. Achieving balance means feeling good. Keeping the body in balance means being or becoming healthy. The Stems and Branches approach can help you discover yourself and lead you onto your unique path through life; you will see yourself from a different angle. That is the extra gift we western people get from the eastern philosophy.


Tanja Phul Acupuncture

Receiving acupuncture requires no additional medication,
therefore it spares your body and even enhances your ability
to rid yourself of toxins.

For a more balanced life


 The WHO (World Health Organization) found evidence through research that acupuncture is an excellent choice to address a great number of ailments. I believe that any condition can be treated with the above mentioned method, including all kinds of physical and psychological ailments. Of course, not everything can be cured but there is usually a lot of room for improvement.


 Besides acupuncture I consider lifestyle changes important to keep your newly achieved balance long term. As soon as you regain your balance and start feeling better, which usually happens after up to five treatments, you will be given the opportunity to consider different lifestyle changing options.

Beyond Needles

Many times it could be dietary changes, adding plant-based remedies for a while, adding exercises to your daily routine or letting go of some old habits. But it could also be working on emotional issues and figuring out ways to solve them. You as a patient decide what you want to do. Small changes often make a big difference.


People just love Acupuncture

  • Tanja is a gifted practitioner who has skills far beyond other acupuncturists I’ve seen.  From the moment I walk into her office, I feel safe and soothed.  She listens with compassion and somehow hears beyond the words.  I feel seen and understood by Tanja.  Her treatments move a lot of energy and have helped me with many issues beyond the one I sought treatment for.  I highly recommend Tanja.
  • I have been a patient of Tanja Phul, acupuncturist, for two and a half years and have benefited a great deal under her care.  Tanja’s education, experience and warmth have brought considerable comfort and more importantly relief for symptoms not helped by medication. I feel privileged to have found her and highly recommend her as a skillful practitioner.
    I. H.
  • On the advice of my massage therapist I went to Tanja with sciatic nerve pain . In two treatments it was gone. I have continued going to see her since I have found the treatments to enhance my sense of well being and to alleviate any nerve or muscle pain that might occur.
  • If you are in pain or have symptoms and (think you) need some acupuncture take a look at her website and give her a call.
    She is awesome!!

About me

Hello, I’m Tanja. I received four years of extensive training in Acupuncture and I have been a health care practitioner since 1996, working in my own private practice.  I was trained in Europe, mostly in Germany, where two years of training in Western Medicine is required prior to beginning to practice Chinese Medicine.
Most of my patients are also under the care of a physician and this knowledge is quite helpful in understanding your diagnoses and what is happening in your body because of the medications you may take. Although I evaluate each patient until the Chinese diagnosis is revealed, I believe that knowing both sides of medicine is most beneficial for you as a patient.
I also studied Chinese herbal medicine for two years and took courses in Tuina (Chinese massage).
I frequently participate in continuing education seminars to expand and deepen my knowledge.
I moved to Annapolis in 2010 and reopened my practice. I am licensed in Acupuncture in Maryland.

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